Give to Lincoln Day is happening! From May 1 - May 26, your contributions will be matched and support Lincoln Literacy's unique and essential role of helping people from all over the world dream big and then gain the skills to make their dreams come true.


When immigrants, refugees, or longtime Nebraskans want to better their lot in life, they often look first to us. Completely without charge, Lincoln Literacy provides the English language, literacy, and life skills they need to transform their lives. Often that starts when our volunteer tutors lay the most basic foundation of English, but it rarely stops there. Our goal for every adult is fulfillment, through education, jobs, careers, family life, community engagement, and more. We also aim to help immigrant and refugee children be fully prepared and motivated to succeed in school.  Lincoln benefits from the culture, experience, and passion they bring. 

If you value the work Lincoln Literacy has done in the Lincoln community for the last 50 years making immigrants, refugees and homegrown learners feel at home in Lincoln and become contributing members to its economy, please give to Lincoln Literacy today!

Help us help others thrive.

We are a volunteer-driven 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that provides free, life-changing educational services. Established in 1972, Lincoln Literacy helps people from all over the world, including right here, thanks to hundreds of trained volunteer tutors. Through our community of caring and learning, thousands of Lincoln Literacy students gain essential skills that enable them to lift their families out of poverty and go on to achieve their dreams. Our mission: To strengthen our community by teaching the English language and a variety of literacy skills to people of all cultures.

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From English language to basic literacy classes through life and job skills training, Lincoln Literacy offer free online and in-person instruction, as well as one-to-one tutoring and mentoring with volunteer tutors.  


"I learned how to read and speak English because of [Lincoln Literacy]. I got a great job working for the State of Nebraska."

-- Elizabeth R., Lincoln Literacy Student




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